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5W’s Erika Kauffman offers new entrepreneurs 4 PR tips

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Can a viral video bring down Comcast?

Going viral these days is less about needing a trip to the doctor as it is tripping around the Internet. Word-of-mouth is no longer limited to friends and family. A viral video can turn anyone into a star. Or it can instantly turn a small problem into a large headache. The solution involves much more than two aspirin and a morning call.

What’s next for the FSI?

Should the financial service industry implement social media strategies?

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Summer box-office sales are down 20%

What does Hollywood need to do to get back in the game?

Planning a startup?
A message to all new PR professionals…

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Doing Social Wrong…?

5W is here to help! Learn what the Quarter 2 Social Media Traffic reports reveled about Facebook, Pinterest and more #5Wtrendreport 

Are the Big Screens finally feeling the pressure?
What is the secret to social media marketing?

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Influencing the influencer

Why appealing to the taste makers is so important